The coziest place at La Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Casa del Parque is a Cozy Hotel located few steps away from Central Park in Antigua
Guatemala with a very strategic location near from restaurants and bars. Don’t let your furry
Friends at home because it is also Pet Friendly and with green areas while you relax yourself at
the pool or sauna while spending quality time with Friends and family.

While walking around town make sure to visit the Famous arch of Santa Catalina and get yourself into the perfect photo position or selfie . The Santa Catalina arch is the symbol of the city visited from tourists around the world and locals.
After enjoying a morning at your cozy hotel make sure to listen to the marimbas during the
weekends . Music from the buzzing, xylophone-like marimba wafts from restaurants or on the street as small ensembles spontaneously set up shop while you enjoy in quality time.

Get a shoe shine as a tourist. Locals pay Q5 to have their shoes polished to a brilliant shine. You’ll likely be asked double that, but don’t quibble over price with the kids who approach you in the Central Park. (They speak a little English, but they do know the words) it is still a
bargain, and your shoes will look like new again. If you want something colorful and different
make sure to visit the local market and then relax yourself at the hotel with some pool and sauna.

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